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product arrow Nebulizer Omron NE- C28

Price Rp 655.000
Rp 625.000

This compressor nebulizer system offers an affordable and efficient alternative for patients experiencing Asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions. The compact design and handy carrying case gives patients the ability to take the product wherever life takes them. Its unique nebulizer design delivers powerful performance and shortened treatment times.

With Omron V.V.T. (Virtual Valve Technology) nebulizer kit, for efficient delivery of medication without silicon valve
Heavy duty nebulization- recommended for Professional usage
High nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment duration
Leaves minimal residual medication
Easy to operate and maintain, with easy-to-clean nebulizer kit without silicon valves

This high quality easy to use nebulizer is packaged ready for immediate patient use with a carrying case, nebulizer kit, mouthpiece, air tube, extra filters, child mask, and a multi-lingual instruction manual. The unit has a convenient built in nebulizer holder on the front. The air tube features easy to grip air plugs for quick assembly.


High quality durable design and manufactured by Omron
Easy to use operation
"Ready to go" system for quick patient set-up
Air tube features easy to grip air plugs for all patient populations
Includes carrying case with accessory compartment for convenient portability


a.n Anita Christin

a.c 5780359473


a.n 1180 - 0067- 49476

a.c Anita Christin


a.n Anita Christin

a.c 010 417 8996

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